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What we have now is not enough

The current waste management system in Indonesia is neither very efficient nor is it organized, and leaves the people with three options: paying for a private collection service, discarding their waste into the environment, or selling their recyclable waste to informal collectors. The latter is facing challenges in finding households to collect waste from.

Tackling these issues while also finding ways to give back to Indonesia is what led us to create NoLimbah, a solution with both an environmental and a socio-economic impact.

A sack of glass bottles for recycling
A conversation between a NoLimbah employee and user

Meet Nolimbah

We are a refined waste management tech startup that encourages households to dispose of their waste responsibly. Through our mobile app, we will connect you to nearby collectors to pick up your household waste, sort it, and eventually ensure it is recycled properly. Users will also get paid as a reward for their contribution to a better waste management system.

This way, we get to be a part of the movement for a cleaner Earth. Meanwhile, we also positively impact the collectors community, whose hard and selfless work needs both recognition and protecting.

Building this program requires help from people like you. Your support would be incredibly helpful to finish the development of our mobile application.

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Not only is it the right thing to do, but it will also give you a chance to change the lives of those around you.

A sack of glass bottles for recycling

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A Collector with a truck full of waste for recycling
A Collector with a truck full of waste for recyclingA Collector with a truck full of waste for recycling