Join us in funding our Bali and beyond zero waste program.

With your support, we can expand our efforts in Indonesia and beyond. Your donation funds impactful projects like waste facilities, educational campaigns, and community outreach.
By supporting our zero waste program, you protect the environment and improve livelihoods. Every contribution counts. Join us in creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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Help us expand our reach throughout Indonesia and beyond!

Every single cent from our monthly impact plan is re-allocated to support impact projects on-the-ground.

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The funds will go towards:


Phone credit for one collector for an entire year, allowing them to work with our app!


Health insurance for one waste collector for an entire year, impacting their livelihood positively!


150 kilos of rice, thus encouraging our users to properly manage 2.25 tons of recyclable waste!


Opening bank accounts for 20 collectors, making them more autonomous and less dependent on cash!


Bonuses to 20 collectors after they collect and properly manage 5 tons of waste with NoLimbah!


Allow one of our local team members to work full time for a month at training and onboarding users and collectors!

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